PROFIT PEOPLE PLANET — A lasting business model

The triple bottom line (TBL) thus consists of three Ps: profit, people and planet. It aims to measure the financial, social and environmental performance of a corporation. The concept of TBL demands that a company’s responsibility lies with stakeholders rather than shareholders.

Only when companies measure their social and environmental impact will we have socially and environmentally responsible organisations. In the 21st century, however, sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet. It’s about opportunity – reinventing business models to better compete in the global economy or building shareholder value in ways that help to solve some of the world’s most profound social, economic and environmental challenges.


Because sustainability affects the world outside the company walls on a larger scale, companies face even greater public pressures for transparency and accountability about their sustainability impacts and initiatives.

Our documentaries take on a role of strategic importance whereby companies are forced to take a more rigorous approach to the gathering and dissemination of information – not just data, but also the stories companies want to tell. In todays world, it is crucial to effectively convey what progress a firm is making in the sustainability arena to each and every stakeholder as well as to the general public.